Black Red White ~ Flats are Fun

Black Red White ~ Flats are Fun


Black Red White ~ Flats are Fun by namaste203 featuring crystal earrings

VD Contest Winner Portfolio

I had a chance to offer a fashion consultation to the winner of my Valentines Day contest on polyvore.  Here are the sets created for her they are based on her personal Questionnaire.

Top left Travel set:
1. So kimmie jeans
2. Black chain lace up body suit
3. Faux suede pumps
4. Black eternal duster
5. Black handbag

Bottom left Casual Set:
1. Crochet open shoulder top
2. Midrise girlfriend jeans
3. HoopEarrings Yoins
4. DezzalMetallic Handle Leather bag
5. Faux suede sandals

Special Event
1. Satin Surplus Maxi Dress
2.Faux Suede Strappy Sandals
3. Diamante Clutch Bag inGold Sequin
4. Receiving drop honors earrings




Spring Handbag Looks 2017

Spring Bags

Handbag Trends from Harpers Bazaar

  1. Cinch Handbags
  2. Handle Bags
  3. Small Bags
  4. Extra Large Bags
  5. Graphic Prints (pop prints)

Shop Yoins and Dezzal Clothing

I have to be honest about these bags they seem like the same kind of bags as we have seen in the past, still cute. 🙂 We all know whats old is new!

I am adding:
6.Tassel Bags
7. Color Block Bags