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Celebrate Our 10th Polyversary!

Jewelry Available

These are from my Renes Treasures Blog where I post found jewelry items and a few pieces I have worn briefly.  I am one of those types that tends to stick with only a few faves over time, but I love to shop and share.  View the listings on the blog or at Poshmark  where they can be purchased 🙂

  1. Monet Sateen Bracelet

2. Oscar De LaRenta Clip On gold Earrings Vintage

3. Gold Sketched Earrings

4. Monet Dome Clip On Earrings

5. Coin Necklace Two Sided w/Black Cord

6. Lapis Lazuli Stone on Italian Sterling Silver Chain

7.  Jasper Necklace w/Sterling Leaf

8. Marcasite Butterfly Necklace Sterling

9. Dolphin Peace Sign Necklace

10. Pearl Caged Necklace

See the rest at the poshmark page, message me if you have questions or maybe I can make you a deal!!