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Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  It is human to be hesitant with someone you do not know to put on a front, or pretend everything is fine.  In the case of a website like this one where the HELP is offered, no one will see your responses the information comes straight to a private email.  No reason to have a concern that your personal situation will end up in the public domain, you got this.  Privacy is important for this business and this website.  Feel free to post your comments/questions and desires in that contact form.

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A New Passion

Hello everyone, I realize this blog has morphed from a place to post my tiny fashion videos to a site for my fun collage based fashions.  It has now become a place to share my creations but also my love of helping others create beauty in the way they dress themselves. In addition, my coaching/intuitive services are being added.  The site will be changing around, as my web team gets in place to sort out what to keep and what to eliminate.  You may well see it all begin again.  Please bear with us.  Thank you all for visiting and sharing our love of fashion.