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Frugal Style Savant -Guest- Tali Payne

It has been great to have a chance to interview my second blogger guest.  It seems she is also quite similar to me in style taste.  It is true that a person draws those around that are alike, or like begets like however you want to see it.  Here goes:

  1. Do you consider yourself to be a Fashionista? If you have a fashion blog what is the website link?
    Yes, I do consider myself to be a Fashionista, but a better title for me at the moment is a “frugal style savant.” I am a blogger who is constantly learning the ins-and-outs of fashion. I am also learning that I don’t like to follow trends as much as I like to invent in my own personal style. My personal -fashion blog is called Tali Payne which features all the fashion, beauty and sassy things that inspires me.  http://www.TaliPayne.com

    2. What do you consider to be your style type and what is your favorite color?
    My favorite color are Yellow, Gold and Coral, wth that being said, I love bright things.  I consider my style to be very structured, forever changing and undefined. I don’t have a type of style I just like what I like. An easy outfit for me is something that shows my figure but not my skin. I love high wasted dark blue jeans and printed blouse with some high heels. And of course, my big purse has to match. I feel like I should take a style survey to find my type of style.

    3. Who is your style icon?
    I not really sure but I love lavish things. The 1960’s Diahann Carroll look, Rihanna’s style and some of Kim K.’s style (but not all). I love Rihanna’s fearless ability to try on a new look and pull it all the way out until we get use to it, then she’ll switch it up on us again.  On the other hand, I want to meet Kim’s stylist. Not sure if you can consider these two ladies style icons, but two stylist that I love at the moment are Olori Swank and Jai Nice. I follow them both on Instagram.

    4. What is your favorite fashion piece that you currently own?
    My black blazer. It isn’t a major name brand or anything I believe it’s from Charlotte Russe on the clearance rack and I’ve had it for over 7 years now. Like I said I enjoy being frugal. However, as a young girl I was taught you can never go wrong with a blazer and black ones will always be classy. In addition to that, I am always cold so it keeps me warm and it can change the dynamics of an outfit. Outside of that, I’m heavily into my jewelry right now.

    5. What is your favorite place to shop and why?
    Online and thrift stores, small boutiques and lately, Forever 21. I love finding deals and over the past three months I have been able to find some AMAZING deals on jewelry, clothes and makeup. I don’t really have a set place to shop, but as I look around my room I see a lot of Forever 21 bags waiting to be reviewed for a Haul blog.

    There you have another interview from a fellow Fashion blogger, an eclectic fashionista like myself.  I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to check out her website and her cool outfits below on polyvore.

    Do It Right
    Child Listen
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Guest Blogger # 1- Carine

Thanks to my first guest blogger, Carine. I really enjoyed getting to know her especially since we seem to have a bit in common both a bit eclectic and love those jeans, plus she is a Blake Lively fangirl too!  I have wanted to add some outside influence to the blog and she consented from our mutual workspace at polyvore.com  Here are her replies to my questions below in Bold.

1. Do you consider yourself to be a Fashionista? If so what does the term mean to you?
I had to google the term to see what it meant so I really don’t see myself as a fashionista. I don’t follow trends and I don’t feel the need to dress according to them. I love beautiful clothes, that fit well according to my body type and my mood. I do wear clothes that many might consider out of current trends.

2. What do you consider to be your style type? For example I am more bohemian with a side of the classic jeans and tee shirt.
I don’t think I have a style type. One day I can wear jeans and sneakers the next day 6 inches’ heels with a dress or a dress with sneakers or jeans with high heels. I love to dress according to how I’m feeling that day and even my polyvore set’s reflect that. If I had to stick to a type it would be more of a classic one.

3. Who is your style icon?
I don’t really have a style icon but hey are a couple of ladies, which I like to follow and I would totally borrow their closets), like Blake Lively and Taylor Swift. 

4. What is your favorite fashion piece that you own?
I love shoes so I have to pick my Jimmy Choo sandals. They make any ordinary outfit look amazing and yes, I lost my mind when I bought them).

5. What is your favorite place to shop?
Any place with a lot of stores, with accessible prices and where I can lose myself all day-long.

Here for your delight are her Favorite polyvore.com Sets she has created. She has an amazing artistic sense that is hard to imitate.  I even love her set names, enjoy the links.

What You Think is What You Become

The Most Important Thing is to Enjoy Your Life

A Reader Lives a Thousand Lies
Thanks to Carine, I am honored she was my first guest hope to get to interact with her more on the polyvore site.