Ode to McQueen


From the designs I have seen Alexandar McQueen had an eclectic since of fashion that was very occult oriented.  However at times he really knew how to bring on the classics.  This one is quite sweet.  Enjoy.


Embellished Sleeves – Flare

Embellished Sleeves  -  Flare
Sweet Embellished flare sleeves on this mini dress make for a great match with the black strappy shoes and bowknot tote handbag.  It all goes together with neutral makeup and a sheer red pop of color on the lips.

Black with Mint

Black with Mint
I adore these colors together, the lightness of the mint and the aggressive darkness of the black just totally works for me.  I also wish Taylor Cole was in more shows…….I loved her in Summerland and Supernatural.  I do realize she was in The Event but I missed it.   Its cool she grew up near my favorite shopping town of Arlington, TX.  🙂