A Quick Hello

I thought I would stop in and do a blog post 🙂 Just so you know every single fashion set is created by me, some are budget based others are more color oriented.  I realized when I first joined Polyvore I was focused on color and not on pricing.  After a while, I saw that some items were way more expensive than I had considered and were mix matched in the set, well live and learn.

Our business is based on YOUR Budget whether you can afford a $1000 handbag or a a $10 handbag your needs are what is important.

Now with all that out of the way, I wanted to clarify what you have discovered.  The sets on the website are samples sometimes they are contest inspired other times you will see what has given me the idea for the set whether it be those dastardly desserts or a quote that I have seen it should be obvious.

As far as the portfolio you will receive as a customer using our services you can find a sample Below, it is a general idea of the detail.  Whereas polyvore pulls the information from the internet sites I will add them so you can see up front where the item can be purchased and how much you will be spending.  Any questions just let us know.